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, j.p. morgan's strategist, thank you for joining us. >>> thank you. >> what is your take on the earning season so far? tell me how your clients are viewing it and what people are doing with their money these days. >> okay, well, clients are nervous about money these days, they're hearing europe slowing, china, big announcements. it turned out to be a lot better than expected. if you look at sort of bottom line numbers, about 60% are beating on earnings. that is a really good statistic, but only from the% are beat -- 40% are beating on revenue and margins. >> why is it? >> slowing. >> do you still see a risk of partners, adversity, what are they doing? >> actually, i was just in boston this week, they are very, very cautious, they look at europe. they don't think things have improved. the fiscal cliff is a big discussion now. d china, they're frustrated because the stock market has continued to really push towards new highs. >> interesting, even though the backrop is what -- somewhat weak, the market is -- >> i think something that is a good leading into care, the last 20
from aurora later tonight. kate snowe has been on the scene since friday and she joins us to lead our coverage of the theater shooting. good evening. >> reporter: good evening to you lester from aurora, colorado where the investigation into the suspect james holmes has taken several new turns but tonight this focus here in this field behind me where a vigil is being held is on the victims of this senseless tragedy. 12 people killed, 58 more wounded. at this hour 24 remain in the hospital, nine of them in critical condition. tonight the president is mourning along with the families who suffered overwhelming loss. miguel, good evening. >> the president has arrived here in aurora to meet with first responders and the victims. the vigils here are growing larger as the community comes together. ♪ >> reporter: on a day of prayer and reflection a community torn apart by violence comes together. >> lots of us, maybe all of us, keep asking why. >> reporter: today they remember the victims. >> john larimer. >> eventually you get the spirit to go on but we'll never forget. >> reporter: the sor
. with us today, dan rather, gloria borger, kathleen parker and david ignatius. first up, the tragedy in denver came at the end of a week that was notable for how small and petty the campaign was getting and only seemed to highlight the smallness. dan, look, you have been through a lot of these rodeos. looking back at the last week of politics, it was awful. and then friday happens and all the campaigns started acting responsibly again. >> but that won't last long. this does perspective, this puts this into perspective. it signals to us once again just how bland and mostly irrelevant the campaign rhetoric has been. yes, the initial responses were on the news, that won't last very long. >> gloria, look, these are moments and sometimes they're outside and they have a long lasting impact. we think they will. the president has to play consoler and chief. mitt romney and the response to this. >> you look to presidents to be the national pastor at times like this. i mean, i remember bill clinton for example, oklahoma city and you kind of warm with the president and the president had a campa
as the circumstances of what we've seen today are, as heartbreaking as it is for the families, it is worth us spending most of our time reflecting on young americans like ally and stephanie. because they represent what is best in us. and they assure us that out of this darkness, a brighter day will come. >> reporter: now, tomorrow morning the president will leave from san francisco international, and fly to reno, nevada. he will then speak in front of veterans of foreign wars. and then he will fly back into the bay area, this time into oakland international airport for campaigning and fundraising events in the east bay. i'm arturo santiago, back to you diane. >>> thank you, and we'll have more on the president's visit later in the news cast, including how it could affect your commute tomorrow. >>> and new at 11:00, back in colorado, police investigators reportedly found a batman mask inside the apartment of the suspected gunman. the associated press reported that law enforcement officials did not want his name used because he was not authorized to speak to the press, of course, the significance of the
're not discussing admissions. i will tell you that based on what he told us, we were concerned about his apartment. >> reporter: we know he had loud music playing. we've heard that maybe it was a timer and that he set it to start playing around midnight. the question is i have is did he start playing loud techno music to draw a cop call? >> we can't possibly know what he intended to do right now. i've been told by the bomb experts if someone opened the door, it would have triggered the device. >> reporter: if that had happened before the theater incident, that could have diverted a lot of your resources. >> potentially, yes. it would have been two simultaneous crises at once. >> reporter: do you have a wife and kids, chief? >> i do. my daughter was at the premiere of "batman." in another theater. so yes. >> reporter: i didn't know that. same theater complex? >> no, no. >> reporter: have you had the chance to hug your daughter? >> oh, yeah. >> reporter: the reason he wanted to talk to us is to make sure everyone knows how proud he is of all of the officers on his force. and this community is proud.
in custody? >> well, he is -- what they describe to us, he lawyered up. he is at this point not cooperating. the robot watching it defuse -- or not defuse, but make the -- be able to deactivate the system of the trip wires and potential threats, a, it gives you tremendous confidence. i mean the fbi is working with the bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearms with the local police, the state patrol. everybody was working together, as they did on thursday night. one of the real bright lights of this is that before 9/11, i don't think we could have ever responded to this level of tragedy, 70 people that had been injured or killed, and get such efficiency and get everyone working together almost seamlessly. so even that safety and then also how they worked with this bomb thing. we're getting through this, but we still can't get into the mind of this twisted, really delusional individual. >> and there's no sense of what caused him to go off of the path he was as a doctoral student in neuroscience, somebody who may have been isolated and private but had a lot going for him on the outside. nothing
,000 people gathered in unity to honor the victims. >> millions of people are with us, in helping to share our burden of grief at this moment. >> reporter: a sunday vigil to help heal. in all, 12 are among the dead. a 6-year-old girl, a navy sailor. an air force reservist and two young men who died shielding their girlfriends from bullets. fathers, sons, daughters, each with lives cut short. the president addressed a grieving community and talked privately with families of the victims. >> my main task was to serve as a representative of the entire country and let them know, that we are thinking about them at this moment and will continue to think about them each and every day. >> reporter: the suspect, 24-year-old james holmes, today will be adviseded of his rights and the judge will set a date for the formal filing of charges. the start of a legal process that may take months. >> we will convict him. yes. >> reporter: at issue, whether the prosecutor will seek the death penalty. the defense will likely argue whether holmes is mentally competent. while the city is forever changed. evidence wil
think the reason stories like this have such an impact on us is because we can all understand what it would be. to have somebody that we love taken from us in this fashion. what it would be like. i had a chance to visit with each family and most of the conversation was filled with memory. there was an opportunity. i confessed to them that words are always inadequate in these kinds of sitweigh situations, by main task was to serve as representative of the entire country and let them know we are thinking about this at this moment and we will continue to think about them each and every day and that the that the awareness that not only all of america but much of the world is thinking of them might serve as some comfortment. i tried to assure them that the perpetrator of this evil act has received attention and that attention will fade away. in the end, after he has felt the full force of our justice system, what will be remembered are the good people who were impacted by this tragedy. to the entire community of aurora, the country is thinking of you. so, thank you. god bless you. god b
. thanks for being with us. i'm marla tellez. >> good morning, everybody. i'm jon kelly. new at 11:00, as marla mentioned, we are getting our first look at video of the man accused of carrying out one of the worst mass shootings in u.s. history. in just the past few hours, 24-year-old james holmes appearing in a colorado courtroom looking dazed and confused and also just staring out into space. the 15-minute proceeding was to advise him of charges including murdering 12 people and injuring nearly 60 others. we will be having more of this court appearance coming up in just a few moments from right now. >>> but first the president visiting the bay area once again. >> yes. the president is scheduled to leave sfo in about 25 minutes from now. his motorcade in route as he speak. we have live team coverage for you. nbc bay area's mike inouye is monitoring the traffic situation, any backups. first we go to christie smith live at sfo. christie, a very hectic day for the president. he'll actually return to the bay area in just a couple of hours, huh? >> reporter: yeah. it is a different kin
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is there with more for us. jay? >> reporter: good evening. president obama joining thousands here in colorado and across the country trying to bring some comfort to this shattered community while police continue their investigation both in the theater behind me and in the suspect's apartment. president obama arrived in colorado carrying the sorrow and condolences of the nation for the families of the victims and survivors of the massacre. his visit marks a day of memories and mourning in aurora. ♪ many turning to a higher power during sunday services as they struggle to try around understand the killing spree and 24-year-old james holmes, the man police say is responsible. >> the source of the evil that took the lives -- >> memorials are growing across this shattered city. >> right here. >> so many searching for some way to honor the injured and remember the fallen. >> you can't believe something like this happened in my community. we needed to pay our respect. i just feel awful. >> reporter: there is little blunt can do right now. forced to tell their young children, that their dad, john k
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11